Pedicure Salon Sofa Set

Pedicure salon sofa set.Using eco-friendly leather [PU] set, basin glass fiber, voltage 110V / 220V ,according to customer requirements. After foot massage, one can feel muscle relaxation, joints are flexible, people feel excited, eliminate fatigue, and play an important role in ensuring good health. Suitable for various beauty clubs.


1. Chairs neck and shoulders 4 kneading balls, a set of four kneading balls in the back waist kneading massage, four vibrating cycles of buttocks vibrating massage, chair backrest, seats before and after manual remote adjustment.

2. With surf massage

3. The armrests can be moved 90 degrees up and down, and the chair can lie 130 degrees.

4. Move forward and move backward

5. The chair armrest is equipped with a small tray

6. Automatic timer shutdown: 15-30 minutes

The 7.7-color LED lights are changed one by one in the water, and the foot pads can be raised and lowered.

8. Can add drainage pump

New style spa foot salon pedicure sofa chair
New style spa foot salon pedicure sofa chair

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