Dry Heat Spa Capsule

Dry heat spa capsule is a perfect combination of aromatherapy medical therapy and electronic technology, the essence of Chinese traditional philosophy and western science and technology. In this magical hut, your mind will fly like a huge universe, while at the same time improving the resonance massage of fat cells through infrared light to metabolize; even immersed in the anion and vitality of the forest, completely change your skin.


Functional infrared

It is an electromagnetic wave, which is a stronger radiation than the wavelength of visible light in the spectrum. Near-infrared can be used for food processing, automotive painting, cooking, and far-infrared is particularly suitable for physiotherapy. Only light comes with heat.


What is the relationship between far infrared rays and health?

A. Improve blood circulation and metabolism.

B. Relieves pain caused by caloric nerve endings.



1. Improve physiological oxidation and reduction, remove excess fat and keep it healthy. Saving your energy is not like practicing.

3. Warming effect can maintain a balanced body nutrition.

4. Accelerate sweat and fat metabolism (your body should have enough water supply) and remove poisons, heavy metals, waste, etc.

5. Stimulate physiological functions, strengthen hormones and enzymes.

6. Strengthen your health and release fatigue.

7. Physiotherapy for muscle and nerve disorders, relieves liver tension and pain.

8. Prevent the spread of tumors.

9. Relieve pain and eliminate inflammation.

10. Regeneration function.

beauty salon equipment infrared dry steam Spa Capsule
beauty salon equipment infrared dry steam Spa Capsule

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