Beauty Salon Magnifying LED Lamp

The beauty salon enlarges the LED light and the LED eye cares your eyes. Light stability, no flicker, high color rendering, high light transmittance, small light, soft light is not glare, saving power. The 8x magnifier is helpful for nuanced observation, blackheads, and acne. The water-filling base is firm and firm, firmly grips the ground, is not easy to fall down, and is designed to be leak-proof. It does not pass any power circuit and is safe and stable. It can be equipped with optional rollers or bases without rollers. Compact and exquisite appearance, easy to carry out.

Applicable to all kinds of beauty places, such as tattoo, tattoo eyebrows, nail art, tattoo lips, dental lighting crowded acne, micro-shaping and so on.



Beauty salon zoom LED lights can be bent freely, without restrictions to adjust the hose

Lamp head diameter is 20cm

LED light board diameter is 18 cm

Magnifier diameter is 12 cm

Beauty Salon  Portable Magnifying LED Floor Lamp
Beauty Salon Portable Magnifying LED Floor Lamp

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